China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC, which also stands for Pan Rules China) is a nation in Asia. It has a fuckton of people and is the most populated nation on Earth. However, they have been slacking off and will be surpassed by India within the century surpass the US and dominate the world. The capital is Panjing and the largest city is Shang-high. The social-economic ideologies used in China are Marxist-socialism and communism.


  • Mao Zedong created this great country and is objectively the best dictator leader of any modern civilization in history due to his infallible actions.
  • They don't form lines in China; they just shove to the front like a bunch of animals.
  • This is the most habitable country in the world.
  • It is one of the four other Asian nations that Americans can name but can't find on a map.
  • International corporations like to sell them cars. Luckily, Trump will kill all 1.2 billion of the ugly fucking reds, bringing back all their Fords as bounty.
  • All Asians are Chinese.
  • The Chinese eat dogs.
  • China has too much fucking pollution, nothing to worry about in terms of its future.


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