CheDubs is Brett Keane's personal salad tosser She-Man. CheDubs provides oral sexual favors to Brett Keane in return for the position as Keane's sidekick. CheDubs is essentially a yes man to Keane and has no real personality. He's actually pretty chill compared to the rest of Keane's posse, but that's not saying much.

Warrants for CheDubs' prostitution charges are active in twenty-eight states, two U.S. territories, Canada, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Moon, and Heaven. He is notable for his devotion to Kenyanism and blatant attacks on TJ's family situation.

According to PaulsEgo in Episode 206, CheDubs has joined the 'betrayed by Brett Keane club'. This shocking turn of events for one of Brett's last friends was because of a theft of a donated keyboard.

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