Channel Awesome is an inappropriately-named company based mostly on reviewing various forms of media. It was founded by Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju, but the star member of the company is Doug Walker, better known as his internet review character, The Nostalgia Critic.

It formerly operated the website "That Guy With the Glasses" before it was replaced by a website simply named "Channel Awesome." Despite the name change, they still seem to want the whole site to revolve around Doug. There are a few talented people left on the site, but most of them have left due to "creative differences."

TJ formerly produced content for Channel Awesome under the pseudonym of The Distressed Watcher.


Here are some well known SJWs members of the site:

  • Doug Walker / Nostalgia Critic (active)
  • Cinema Snob (active)
  • Linkara (active)
  • Nostalgia Chick (retired, but still creating content for the site)
  • Spoony (Fired for making a rape joke)
  • Phelous (left TGWTG)
  • Obscurus Lupa (left TGWTG)
  • JesuOtaku (left TGWTG)
  • JewWario (Deceased)
  • Todd in the Shadows (left TGWTG)


While TJ, in particular, has said he has no harsh feelings about being told to leave, many of the other content producers who left the site have accused Channel Awesome of scamming their fan base and treating their content creators like shit.

LordKaT, a former producer, airs out all the company's dirty laundry here:

That Guy With The Glasses

That Guy with the Glasses was a subsidiary organization of Channel Awesome primarily consisting of movie reviewers run by the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) that is now defunct. The fans constantly ask TJ about it, even though he hasn't been associated with the organization for years. They do the same shit with DP's favorite anime.

Nostalgia Critic

Main Article: Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic is arguably the most famous and most well-received internet reviewers on YouTube and the internet as a whole. He is very popular and known for reviewing nostalgic movies he grew up watching. But he has recently run out of that content and now reviews all kinds of different movies and has broken his own rules. Doug Walker is the creator of That Guy With The Glasses and his Nostalgia Critic show initially started back in 2007. He actually tried to retire the show in 2012 but was brought back by popular demand in February of 2013.

He is one of TJ's favorite internet personalities and has mentioned him several times in Q&A videos and occasionally on his vlog channel, TJdoeslife. The NC once mentioned TJ in one of his reviews among his other fellow TGWTG reviewers. TJ has also expressed interest in directly working with Doug.

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