Liberals (really just Communists under another name) are a group of faggot loving, Obama-worshipping, no good hippies who hate good ol' 'Murica. Liberals exist outside of 'Murica, too, and have completely taken over the now socialist countries of Europe. Feminists pretend to be these but end up acting a lot more like conservatives and religious fundamentalists.

For whatever reason, many liberals have a hard-on in particular for the delicious brown skin of most Muslims. They want minorities to take over their countries, overthrowing the humble white folks and taking our jerbs.

Many hobbies liberals enjoy doing include sucking Obama's dick, killing babies, getting arrested, crying, sodomizing each other, and raping America.

The Drunken Peasants Podcast exhibits many disgusting displays of liberalism, which is inappropriate for the highly conservative overtone of their show.

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