"I love capitalism. As a tool, it has helped humanity to create wonders. But it is too powerful to be unfettered. Regulation is a good thing." -The Amazing Atheist
Capitalism (unregulated) is the only economic system that has ever worked. It was invented by God and Jesus, in collaboration with Ronald Reagan and The Founding Fathers. Satan often tries to undermine capitalism, but it never succeeds. Satanists want socialism implemented, which of course leads to the destruction of morality itself.

The opposite of capitalism is communism and any fool knows that it's a fucking dichotomy, so you can either be a capitalist pig or a communist scum.

In the United States

Capitalism is the American state religion and 80% of all Americans are evangelical capitalists who worship money. 100 dollar bills are placed upon altars where every CEO fuck prays five times towards the direction of Wall Street. Also, everyone prays to Geico to forgive them for their expenses because that Gecko died on a giant red-white-and-blue cross for us. Capitalism is the corrupt and faulty effective and prevailing economic system called capitalism where the system thoroughly fucks over the bottom 80% and provides for the corporate elites and the top 20%.


  • TJ indicated that while capitalism is a powerful tool that greatly benefited human civilization, if left unregulated it could lead to corruption that will later cause suffering.
  • Capitalism is like fire. Fire provides food, warmth, and light but could burn everything in it's path if it's let unattended.
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