California, also known as Commiefornia, is a US state full of liberals, Jews, and oranges. The state capital is Pancramento. Jews reside mostly in Hollywood. Paul's Ego used to reside in California but moved to the shithole that is Texas.

Scientology has a strong following in some regions of the state as well. In 2015, they ran out of water and everybody in the state died. Jaclyn Glenn, Mercedes Carrera, and ManGagaMan reside in California.


Hollywood is the place where all of the movies that people enjoy come from. It was named after a witch's wand. Thankfully, TVC exposed it for what it really is...a place full of Illuminati Satanists that make movies to brainwash the masses in preparation for the Anti-Christ. Because that doesn't sound like a bunch of crazy bullshit at all.

Brett Keane uses Hollywood in his infamous intro, he dreams of someday moving to this place with donations from his 2 fans who will fund a large moving truck filled completely with water to contain this Manatee. One of his many channels was also titled "Brett Keane Hollywood".

There is also a huge Zionistic movement that's been happening for generations, but no fruit has been produced quite yet. A giant setback for this movement was the release of the film 'The Passion of the Christ'.



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