Not to be confused with EggsGate 2017

Bricks 3: Eggs 2 is an upcoming video starring The Amazing Atheist, featuring the Egg Bitch.

On Drunken Peasants

The announcement of the production of the film was announced on DP, which sparked world-wide celebration.

DP has to mention any progress with the filming of Eggs 2. So we guess the movie is on hiatus until further notice.


A user by the name of The Neutral Party leaked a trailer of the film. The trailer production itself costs about 1000$ to make.


Although the video has not been released or even created yet, it has already received universal acclaim from critics. It is widely considered to be an improvement across the board, as well as a refreshing departure from the formula that had been established in previous installments of the Eggs franchise. Everyone who was involved in the film became a household name.


The following is a list of awards that have been won by Eggs 2:

  • 14 Oscars
  • 7 Emmys
  • 4 Tonys
  • 5 Grammys
  • 40 Olympic Gold Medals
  • The Victoria Cross
  • 25 Pulitzer Prizes
  • The Medal of Honor
  • The Nobel Peace Prize
  • Pornhub's Top Rated Video of 2016
  • The Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross
  • 200,000 Lifetime Achievement Awards
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