Brian Young is a creationist who appeared on episode 95 of the Drunken Peasants to debate Dr. JF Gariepy. He loves God more than he loves logic. He is pretty boring and he makes tired arguments, but he at least had the ability to take a joke.

The Creationist Gets DP'ed

A major impediment to the debate was Young's lack of understanding of physics and chemistry. Many of his arguments were similar to those of G Man. He pointed to flaws in radiometric dating, but JF pointed out that his flaws were accounted for in margins of error and isotope selection. When asked about the Bible, he essentially admitted that rape and murder are justified if God is cool with it.


  • "Miller and Urey cheated by adding intelligence."
  • "There is nothing good in me but God." -Young while being fisted by God and Scoopy simultaneously


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