Brent Spiner is an actor known for having a clone that plays Data in Star Trek:The Next Generation and is the lover of sex goddess Gail Chord Schuler. Their indestructible love for each other is well-documented in Gail's book Emerald Towers and Jesus, The Eternal Bridegroom. Unfortunately he's been raped in the ass by Jesuit MonsterCocks several dozen times.

In real life, he has actually been stalked for decades by Gail. He also raped a cat when he was a child. Fun fact. If you ever talk to him, you'll find quickly, he will reveal himself to in fact, be one of Laurie McBride's clones.


Brent has been mentioned often on the Drunken Peasants. Usually he is brought up when watching Church of Gail, but he has also been brought up when the hosts would talk about Star Trek. A video of Brent at a convention being asked about Gail has also been featured on an episode of the Drunken Peasants. He was quite uncomfortable when asked about it. This must be his Jesuit clone and not the true Brent.


  • Brent Spiner has an 18.25 inch cock
  • Brent's clones are well known by the public for playing the roles of Data, Lore, and B-4 respectively.
  • His favorite food is Gail's Pussy.
  • His least favorite food is Jesuit MonsterCocks.
  • In the millennium Jesus will give Brent Spiner his semen. Gail says this semen will glow in the dark. Every man in the world is jealous of this.
  • He raped a cat.
  • In reality, Gail has been stalking Brent Spiner for 20+ years.
  • He has a son named Jackson


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