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Bitch Boy Slap Fight (short BBSF) is an American reality/sport television program in-production by the Drunken Peasants Podcast, who will also host. It is set to star The UnFunny Comedian and his gay lovers "good friends" as they engage in slap fights for the entertainment of millions. Details as to the format of the show are currently a matter of heated debate, however current estimates put the shows release as early as 3017.


The UnFunny Comedian's take on the Drunken Peasants Podcast, Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety was such an unimaginable failure that he decided, after its cancelation, to bring the podcast back. In a clever move, he decided to change nothing, and just kept it boring and horrible. Out of this however came a humorous exchange between UnFunny and his co-host, during which the two engaged in a slap fight. The Peasants found themselves taken aback at UnFunny's inexplicable funniness, and proposed a television program to

Paul and Ben, in a later show, produced lyrics which would soon come to be known as the Bitch Boy Slap Fight Song, which was later remixed with a completely original instrumental to bring us the song we know and love today. Since its release, the Peasants have not shut up about this song.

Although he hasn't yet acknowledged the existence of Bitch Boy Slap Fight, it is almost certain that UnFunny will accept the offer to join Bitch Boy Slap Fight, given his need for attention and crippling lack of a social life.

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