Bill Cosby is an American actor, comedian, musician, and rapist. He was hired by the patriarchy to rape as many women as possible. Before all the rape, Bill Cosby was most well known for his TV shows, his sweater, and his "funny" jokes.


List of Appearances

A video of Bill getting nervous about rape accusations was featured on the show during its first few episodes, along with the Peasants discussing the rape accusations. TJ was initially an apologist for Cosby but has since become convinced otherwise. He has been mentioned several other during the course of the show, usually as a joke.

Later on Episode 191, the peasants discussed Bill Cosby's rape charges and played an old clip from his show about raping women with magical barbaque sauce. Ben did an impression of him.


  • You have to be at least as old as him and a Mormon to find him funny.
  • His pudding pop has been in more women illegally than legally.
  • He's a fucking rapist.
  • He bout 2 fuck yo bitch.
  • His lazy eye is creepy as fuck.
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