Not to be confused with The Beast.

The classic story known as "Beauty and the Beast" gets a wicked contemporary twist in the new reincarnation dubbed "The Beauty and the Stallion. In this version, the beautiful and talented TJ Kirk portrays Beauty while the ghastly but enigmatic Brett Keane plays the Stallion.

The Story of Their Unholy Love

When the Stallion ruled over the small and scarcely populated land of YouTube atheism with nobility and charisma, there was no other quite like him. However, one day out of the blue, about 6-8 months after the Stallion began his reign, a maiden of the South cropped up and started making sharp and on-point atheism videos. She was climbing the ranks among the peasants, and the Stallion described her as 'having energy and charisma'. The fair maiden, also known as 'The Amazing Beauty', was flattered by the Stallion and began speaking with him behind the scenes. We all know this is a code-word for "erotic video exchange". The two inevitably fell in love with each other and danced to a song solely dedicated to their passion for one another.

Unfortunately, their once-invincible relationship deteriorated, as the Stallion betrayed Beauty and broke her lovely, frail heart to marry the Beast. Beauty bitterly recalls the heartbreak in a recent interview. "I guess [the Stallion] really was a Beast," she said, blinking away the tears. "Ugly on the inside as well."

Despite the tragic end, there is no doubt that there are still intense and fiery feelings between the two former lovers.

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