Baraq Hussain Hitler Obama Obummer

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. He served as president for 2 terms from 2008-2016 as a Democrat. Obama spent a good chunk of his life in Kenya. He is a secret corrupt Satanist communist Muslim who tried to promote his evil Kenyanist agenda in an endeavor to rid the land of clean proper good ol' Republican White Folk. Conservatives like S.E. Cupp and Ted Nugent often kvetch about him because he's a black democrat. Obama replaced the old shitty health care system with Obama Care (which is also shitty but at least better than the old health care system). Barack Obama has also done a decent job combating climate change.

On Drunken Peasants

Obama has made a fuckton of appearances on DP, many times the hosts would criticize and ridicule him. Many times the DP would agree with him.


  • He's the first black president.
  • His mother is white and his father is black (explains everything)
  • Most importantly, he's a puppet for the Illuminati.
  • Despite Obama being a Democrat, his policy is considered pretty right-wing. He's deported more Mexicans than any Republican President and sent multiple drone strikes to bomb SandNigger-stan.
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