2011 or simply BananaGate, is the name for a famous internet sex scandal and a series of videos of TJ doing various lewd acts including sexual intercourse with a banana, pouring hot oil on his dick and wearing a ball gag in late 2011. TJ made them originally for a girl he was seeing at the time and sent it to two others which lead to it being eventually leaked out on the internet.

TJ made a video on his Amazing Atheist channel on October 31, 2011 talking about the whole ordeal. TJ has showed no remorse for doing any of those things, citing his already infamous reputation on YouTube.


The event comes up occasionally on the podcast but it rarely phases TJ, he has said that he sent the videos to a female he had trusted later had leaked the videos online. Some idiots believe that TJ leaked the videos himself for attention. Idiots that are debating TJ often brings up BananaGate to get a rise out of him when they have nothing of value to offer to the conversation.

G Man claims that Brett Keane "stole his virginity" in a sense when Keane showed him the videos, Ben mocked G Man's poorly thought out phrasing.

Ben, Scotty and TJ all left audio samples in hopes someone would make them into a song about BananaGate and their wishes later came true

Potential Sequel

A sequel to BananaGate2011 is rumored to be in production after TJ claimed he would make another one on Reddit. It will apparently feature a Crucifix and be titled "The Benpire Strikes Back".


  • If you look closely enough, you can see a watermark for Wondershare, indicating G Man was likely the one who filmed the videos.
  • This has nothing everything to do with the suicide of the chairman of United Brands Company.
  • Famous billionaire, actor, athlete Trent Jenner has agreed to star in the sequel to Bananagate as FuckBuddy#3. The actor hopes that this will really boost her career, hoping to get a leading role in EggsGate, starring Scotty Kirk, thus kicking off the Food Fucking Cinematic Universe (FFCU for short.)
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