The Ban TJ Campaign (otherwise known simply as #BanTJ) is an ongoing effort to ban TJ from the Drunken Peasants. Petitions related to the campaign have accumulated trillions of signatures. The campaign is spearheaded by God and Adolf Hitler (the same duo that orchestrated the Holocaust, incidentally).

the Success of the Campaign

The campaign was so successful that YouTube actually banned the Drunken Peasants outright. Ben had to clarify the message of the campaign with the retards at ShitTube, and all members (including TJ) were reinstated.


One of the latest DP shirt designs features the slogan "#BanTJ," as well as a giant banana (presumably for TJ to think about while masturbating).

YouTube Strikes Back

YouTube made more worthwhile changes by moving the channel icon right over the TJ Cam. Looks like the niggers at JewTube are working hard. Ben switched the arrangement of the banner so that he is underneath the icon.

Kill TJ Campaign

The Kill TJ Campaign, or #KillTJ, is a more extreme faction within the Ban TJ campaign. All the hosts (including TJ) emphatically showed their support for #KillTJ in Episode 45. Sir Lazlo the Great used the campaign as inspiration in the second most disturbing video ever (behind BananaGate).


  • In episode 143 of DP, they almost had TJ kicked off. However, due to TJ's ties with the satanic Illuminati, he had to stay on.


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