Atheists Owned is a masterpiece that was composed by G Man. The Drunken Peasants played it on the show on April 3, 2014 and were in awe. Along with "Why Be an Atheist" and "My Time Is Now", it was voted the best song ever by every rational person.

It is a rap tune, but it is best known for its vocal impressions of disc scratches, performed by G Man himself.


Hello everybody
I'm not feeling kinda sour
I'm still owning these atheists, I'm preaching to the choir!
I'm making their arguments look foolish with God's word
While all these so-called free thinkers feed you a bunch of turds
The scientific theories made up in Darwin's head
Are all these atheists dream while they're lying in their bed
All these atheists are sitting
Watching with a face of stone
We Christians have to work through for Satan, that's atheists owned!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooooh! Oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooooh! (Atheists Owned!) Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oooooooh! 'Oh oh oh oh ooooooh!

So Christians are crazy for believing in God
While Dawkins and Hawkins are doing Satan's job
RedLine and Live Life work for Beelzebub
While Robin Dupre just wants to have his son
Strong atheists say there's no such thing as God
RedLine's a goofball just putting up a big facade
RedLine don't cry just get used to it kid
You're gonna keep getting owned by this evangelist
All atheists are sitting, watching, feeling all alone
We Christians have to work through Satan, that's atheists owned!'

Oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooooh! Oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooooh! (Atheists Owned!) Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oooooooh! Oh oh oh oh ooooooh!

Atheists say we have the burden of proof
I just say that's a bunch of number 2
So bionic dance, stop running from a fight
Matthew 4:19, he actually has it right!
Until someone can prove that God is not real
Atheists like RedLine tell me how torment feels
Atheists take this advice for the rest of your days
Read your bible, and do what it says!
Atheists owned!

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