The Atheist Roo Saga refers to a feud between Devon Tracey and The Drunken Peasants.


It was mainly comprised of Devon Tracy attacking TJ and his fanbase for attention. This first started with TJ and the peasants defending Jaclyn Glenn over a bullshit video Devon made about her. This eventually escalated into Twitter debates, with some allies of DP getting involved. Creationist Cat was closely tied to the the saga, with Roo attempting to dox him while making his fans confuse him with his human slave, Vadim Newquist.

The Next Episode

The saga was probably drawn out longer than was expected, but it was mostly brought to an end when TJ blocked Roo on Twitter in response to his refusal to have a real live debate on DP. Creationist Cat also eventually gave up on Devon, having already thoroughly Tommy Lee Pwn'd the Roo on his channel several times.

The Cold War

TJ and Devon Tracey eventually came to a truce of sorts, although this was seemingly shattered when Devon revealed his support of Hillary Clinton, in contrast to TJ who supports Bernie Sanders.

45px The Atheist Roo Saga

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