Aron "Nelson" Ra is a well-known atheist Youtuber and the Texas state director of American Atheists, a highly capitalistic pyramid scheme. He is most known for his acclaimed 'Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism' YouTube series that thoroughly debunks creationism in strenuous detail while simultaneously giving history and science lessons on evolution. He is also a well-versed speaker, having done several secular conferences, and has an impressive voice.

He, as well as Ben and Livelife8072, is also a host of his own podcast called the Ra-Men Podcast that is essentially a discussion panel between Aron and an assortment of different associates of his.

He has appeared as a special guest several times on The Atheist Experience and twice as a guest on The Bible Reloaded. His channel mostly has janky science videos but he also uploads footage of him speaking at public conferences. He also famously debated Ray Cumfart. It should also be noted that Nelson appears to be a secret level 75 wizard.

It's all too bad that he had to be indoctrinated into the cult of Feminism, spouting long worn out phrases and creating false dichotomies in order to try and appease his inner guilt for being a man.


He has been mentioned on occasion and it is alluded to that Aron doesn't like TJ. The whole thing was later explained on the Drunken TJ Podcast. When the Drunken Peasants decided to have Kent Hovind, fresh from prison, on the show, their fans asked Aron if he would like to debate Kent. He made a video response. This video was later featured in episode 139 where the Peasants discussed the bullshit Kent Hovind debate they plan to do.


  • TJ made a video responding to Aron Ra after he said during a speech that if one doesn't identify as a feminists, they are sexist.
  • He has done several guest appearances on The Atheist Experience.
  • He is friends with Matt Dillahunty and Cristina Rad.
  • He dislikes TJ for some silly reason.
  • He perpetually looks tired.

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