Aron "Nelson" Ra is a well-known atheist Youtuber and the Texas state director of American Atheists, a highly capitalistic pyramid scheme. He is most known for his acclaimed 'Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism' YouTube series that thoroughly debunks creationism in strenuous detail while simultaneously giving history and science lessons on evolution. He is also a well-versed speaker, having done several secular conferences, and has an impressive voice. He has debated famous creationists such as Ray Comfort and Mr Batman and NephilimFree.

Article About Aronra losing to Mr Batman

Young Earth Creationist Christian named Mr Batman and did extremely bad. Not only did he not answer Mr Batman’s questions he said some very ridiculous things.

AronRa vs Mr Batman Aronra Gets Owned & Looks Like An Atheist Clown

AronRa vs Mr Batman Aronra Gets Owned & Looks Like An Atheist Clown


He, as well as Ben and Livelife8072, is also a host of his own podcast called the Ra-Men Podcast that is essentially a discussion panel between Aron and an assortment of different associates of his.

Godless Girl Blog Post About Aronra Aronra mocked and trashed by female atheist

He has appeared as a special guest several times on The Atheist Experience and twice as a guest on The Bible Reloaded. His channel mostly has janky science videos but he also uploads footage of him speaking at public conferences. He also famously debated Ray Cumfart. It should also be noted that Nelson appears to be a secret level 75 wizard.

It's all too bad that he had to be indoctrinated into the cult of Feminism, spouting long worn out phrases and creating false dichotomies in order to try and appease his inner guilt for being a man.

Aronra condones third wave feminism ruining atheism but that doesn't stop him from SCREAMING AT FEMALE ATHEISTS


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SHARE Gdc Great Debate Community Edit We are a community of several hundred people who engage in real time dialectics via G+ on air hangouts to discuss topical subjects dealing with science, philosophy, and theology. We “Great Debate” topics which include ontological arguments, transcendental arguments, evolutionary sciences and many other related topics of our time.

The GDC was started by Steve Mcrae.

I don’t care if any of them likes me or likes this project. I don’t like any of them. At all. They’re awful, horrible people, no better than abusive bigots like Matt Dillahunty or Kyle Kulinski. Or that two-faced con artist Penn Jillette.

Great Debate Community Blog

Great Debate Community and provide educational content. It is almost an inevitability that in any discussion with a person engaging in presuppositional apologetics that the phrase “the Laws of During many discussions on epistemology it is often brought up to me the analogy of a gumball machine to give an example as where by if you don’t accept a Now that Kyle is out of hiding. Steve McRae is creating Youtube Videos and Hangouts. G Man has been saying that I have said that you can believe in a supernatural deity or God and still be an atheist…which What is a Rock Atheist you ask? I especially want to thank those who have supported my channel and provided me the means by which to provide content on YouTube

3 AM Philosophy.

Steve Mcrae Edit "I would like to grow my channel to be the "go to " place where people can come bring their presentations on science that would be of interest in the GDC. I would also like to be able to bring in bigger named guest to engage them in real time on various topics relating to refuting Young Earth Creationism and bad science in well as promoting philosophy and a better understanding of how to have valuable online discussions. Patronage as gifts would go to the time spent emailing people and making arrangements for them to come on my channel as guests, making educational presentations, as well as providing a room to discuss topics in the Great Debate Community and provide educational content. While all in all my channel for entertainment purposes, I want to it be informative as well. The amount of hangouts will increase when (or if?) Google fixes the bug that allows people to be removed from hangouts without mod control. All patreon donations are to support my artistic contributions with no incentive returns or rewards and considered as gifts.

I have greatly appreciated the vast amount of support that I have been given so far and appreciate all the subscribers I have gained since I started hosting hangouts. I am so very thrilled that people have enjoyed listening to my hangouts. Please join me as we dispel the constant barrage of scientific misinformation from Young Earth Creationists and ID proponents."

Aronra vs Steve Mcrae Edit

Aronra has a nasty habit of strawmanning repeatedly. He did this with Eric Hernandez and recently with me.

Steve Mrae To Aronra on GDC Blog:

"Aron you keep strawmanning me…like every time. Even other people tell you that you are strawmanning me as they can easily see it…I have NEVER said ~Bp is the same as B~p, lack of belief is NOT the same as believing p is false. NEVER would I make such a puerile mistake and yet you keep insisting I make such a silly claim I do not, nor have I ever made. Nor have I ever said that there is a position between being convinced and being not convinced. This is a dichotomy, Bp V ~Bp there is NO middle ground here in classical logic…so please stop saying I believe things that I do not believe.

People notice you continually making these false accusations of my positions which they infer means you either do not understand what people are saying nor do you seem to want to honestly fix your misconceptions.

If you strawman me on this again, claiming I believe things that I simply do not, nor have I ever, believed I will refer you back to this post as I don’t see how I can be any more clearer on this."

Great Debate Community Blog


He has been mentioned on occasion and it is alluded to that Aron doesn't like TJ. The whole thing was later explained on the Drunken TJ Podcast. When the Drunken Peasants decided to have Kent Hovind, fresh from prison, on the show, their fans asked Aron if he would like to debate Kent. He made a video response. This video was later featured in episode 139 where the Peasants discussed the bullshit Kent Hovind debate they plan to do.

Aronra Angry Yells Screams Interrupts Debate Sye Ten Bruggencate

Aronra Angry Yells Screams Interrupts Debate Sye Ten Bruggencate

AronRa screaming at Christian Sye Ten Bruggencate


  • TJ made a video responding to Aron Ra after he said during a speech that if one doesn't identify as a feminists, they are sexist.
  • He has done several guest appearances on The Atheist Experience.
  • He is friends with Matt Dillahunty and Cristina Rad.
  • He dislikes TJ for some silly reason.
  • He perpetually looks tired.

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