Antonin Scalia was America's Supreme Court judge from 1986 to 2016. He was one of the reasons the Supreme Court is so broken and outdated. He fortunately died on February 12/13, 2016.  Though Scalia was widely assumed to have been a human, in reality he was the offspring of a large bullfrog and a particularly racist goblin.  


Antonin was mentioned several times throughout episode 205. Many shitty politicians said that Obama shouldn't do his job and replace him. The stated reason is that it is too late for Obama to pick someone (which is like saying a doctor shouldn't treat people on his or her last week on the job). The real reason why Republicans don't want a replacement right now is because they want a conservative replacement, and Obama would just go for another pussy liberal, which would give the democrats the majority in the court. This plan might backfire if America decides to feel the Bern, but until then, America has to accept that The Supreme Court may end in a tie, which would be a complication.

But anything to keep the dirty libtards out, right?

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