Ann Coulter (aka Ann Cuntler) is a conservative political commentator and a soul-dead, emaciated donkey-witch. This parasitical fuckwit is a supporter of the Republican party. She rose to prominence when she disgraced the First Amendment by declaring that journalists who oppose her political views should be jailed. This retard thinks weed is worse than tobacco and alcohol even though tobacco and alcohol kill more people.



  • "Dems only ones ever to benefit from racist voters." - Yup, as we know, the Democratic Party is the party that has the racism problem. [1]
  • "I'll be on Megyn Kelly tonight!" - You should probably rephrase that if you don't want your real 'Murican status taken away by fellow Republicans. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [2]
  • "Most depressing fact @ America I've read since O's election: A women's soccer match was watched by more people in U.S. than Kentucky Derby." - Ehmm... how is that depressing? [3]
  • "I WAS RIGHT! Lib men are women! UK Mail: Strong Men more likely to be rt-wing; Weak men support a welfare state." - I guess almost all of the audience of DP are women. Cool. [4]
  • "Obama has invited scrutiny regarding his gay lovers by refusing to discuss it." - AHAHAHA [5]
  • "Liberals ecstatic Obama is "1st gay president." who are the "teabaggers" now?" Yeah, liberals are the ones saying Obama is gay. Sure. [6]
  • "Liberal long knives are out for blacks this week" - Librulz. [7]


  • TJ suggested having Ann on the $20 dollar bill to replace Andrew Jackson in Episode 107.
  • She doesn't believe women should have the right to vote. [8]
  • she is the love child of Donald Trump and a pterodactyl.
  • She and Jaclyn are the two last remaining members of the ancient species known as stickwithtitasuarus.


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