Anita Fuentes (yet another ass crazy bitch named Anita) is a Latino-American conservative and Evangelist YouTuber who goes under the moniker of Evangelist Anita Fuentes. Even though she isn't black or a man, her conservatism has led to her being granted official Uncle Tom status by the powers that be.


Episodes Featured

Episode 58

The peasants first reviewed one of her videos on Episode 58. The video was of her criticizing Obama for giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, being part of his Kenyanist agenda.

Episode 82

They reviewed yet another of her videos on Episode 82, in where she said that having anti-vaccine views are okay, cementing her as a complete nutjob.

Episode 126

On Episode 126, she took the center on the crazy bullshit stage to explain how in the world, American Christians are now under severe persecution because men can sodomize the shit of each other while within the constraints of marriage.

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