Andrew Klavan is the insipid host of The Revolting Truth, a web series by Truth Revolt. His job is to give one-sided explanations of numerous topics while ineffectually attempting to be funny, instead coming off as an annoying jackass.


Andrew first appeared on the Drunken Peasants in Episode 51 where he talked about gender diversity and asserted that people should adopt arbitrary personal attributes on the basis of whether they have a pussy or a dick, while hardly exhibiting any signs of strong masculinity himself. He also claimed that transgender people only transition just to harass women in public toilets and to compete and win in sports championships (a solid grasp of reality indeed).

He returned in episode 54 and talked about left-wing vocabulary (or leftese) to which he claimed that liberals aren't possible of even conveying thoughts (similar to his inability for comedic delivery). He claimed progressivism means cancer and the The 21st century describes an enlightened utopia.


  • TJ speculated that Andrew has a scat fetish in episode 54.
  • His show is an even shittier version of PragerU.
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