File:Poop pots.png
Ancient Poop Pots are toilets of antiquity. Only afforded by wealthy members of the British Aristocracy in ancient times (circa 1920). Peasants and other poor plebs were left only with the option to shit in the streets, which was a serious concern in those times with the widespread mercury poisoning. With this rising health concern, the Hero of Ancient Britain came among the plebs to teach them the art of ancient pottery.

They designed poop pots in a way that would mock their king. An example can be seen on the right, where the king's face communicates anger, due to being full of shit.

The conventional method of emptying the pots would be dumping them in the streets, preferably from an elevated area. While the pots were able to contain the spread of mercury poisoning, other diseases would eventually spread and lead to the fall of the Ancient 1920s British Empire.

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