Ana Kasparian (Pronounced Uh-Nee-Tuh Sar-Kee-See-Un) is co-host of The Young Turks. She may talk, act, and think like a feminist, but she's totally not a feminist you guys.


She was first mentioned in Episode 164 of the Drunken Peasants, when her article for Raw Story was discovered to be as click-baitingly misleading as any TYT video. Despite her surroundings she actually has a good record of open mindedness to the more toxic faces of the atheist community.

She has had hangouts with Phil (Rape for breakfast) Mason, has had discussions with The Amazing Atheist and Galen Hallcyon (even if Galen has bitched her out for using ableist slurs), and sometimes she doesn't act like Chunk Yogurt and other members of the PC Pussy Panel Patrol. For that reason Ana has been mass invited via spam to appear on the Worst Podcast Ever. However if she was really smart she would just up and leave like Dave Rubin.

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