Ahmed Mohamed, also known as Ahmita Sarkeesian, is a liberal tool used to prove islamaphobia in America. He gained massive attention from the regressive left when he felt like bringing a bomb-like clock to school and then immediately pulled out the religious persecution card when the teachers got suspicious.

After getting invited to the White House, meeting the president, visiting google, meeting Mark Zuckerberg, and getting a scholarship to Qatar University he still wasn't fully satisfied with taking advantages of regressive liberal's white guilt. He attempted to sue the school district for $15 million, because the education of a fuck ton of kids within the school district is less important than a poor Muslim.

Even after all the fucked up shit he did the public eye still sees him as a hero for Social Justice.


  • TJ once supported him, but following the announcement that a lawsuit was filed against the school district, he lost all sympathy for him.
  • He has meet with the president of Sudan, who has orchestrated genocide, committed several war crimes, and has stolen over $9 billion in oil money. But those are clearly lies told by Islamaphobic conservatives.


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