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A Matter Of Faith is a film with no understanding of the real world. This film is a creationist propaganda piece produced by Christiano Film Group and supported by Ken Ham and his creationist institutions that supports the teaching of biblical creationism over evolution in public schools. Like God's Not Dead, it takes place in college where an evil liberal teacher tries to brainwash kids, but with the evils of evolution instead of atheism. The films trailer alone has received harsh criticism from atheists like GirlDoesRant, Mr. Repzion, and the Drunken Peasants themselves. This film follows a very similar premise to God's Not Dead, almost as if it is a ripoff and a creationist ripoff nonetheless.

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  • The film's director, Rich Christiano, also directed Second Glance - the movie where the "Hey Scotty" meme originated from.
  • Because of the hatred for this movie it was played in churches instead of getting the planned theatrical release.
  • Some of the movie's critics have been silenced by Christiano Film Group by DMCA even though it has been labeled as fair use. The official YouTube trailer for this movie's comments have been disabled as well.
  • Christiano Film Group has also DMCAed people who use the Hey Scotty meme like the Drunken Peasants.
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