File:Creationist Cat Rap Remix

A Bunch Of Things That Jesus Can Do is a song by Creationist Cat. A professional version that was advertised on The Bible Reloaded is coming soon.


He sung the song in his rap battle with G Man in episode 121.

In episode 179, he played a video of it, but couldn't play the audio. He then tried to rap it from memory, but failed.


Here's a bunch of things that Jesus can do.

He can turn into me.

He can turn into you.

He can get you front row seats to Montley Crue.

He can turn Muhammad into a Jew.

He can do back flips on a crucifix, kill a whole army with just one brick.

If he was gay, he'd suck a great dick and even urinate while he takes a shit.

He can rape Godzilla in Japan, sodomize himself with a frying pan, remake Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and fart in the face of my homie, G Man.

His phone's never busy when he takes a call, always wins when he gets in a brawl, fucks big booty bitches in bathroom stalls.

Stuffs G Man's face with his holy balls.


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