The 2016 Presidential Election is an upcoming clusterfuck. It is the result of years of constant bullshit, and no matter the outcome, America loses... except for one candidate.

The Republican Primaries

The Republican primary season is projected to be yet another circus, just like if not worse than that of 2012. Expect stupid candidates saying stupid bullshit with a 100% chance of stupid ads.

Rubio has dropped out, so now there is only Kasich, Trump, and Cruz left on the Republican side.

The Democratic Primaries

The Democratic primary is basically just between Hillary and Bernie. No one gives a fuck about whoever else is running. Hillary is a corporate shape-shifting demon bent on world domination, while Bernie is a great, honest, down-to-earth guy who actually cares about the American people evil commie heathen who fucking hates rich people.


Democratic Party

Republican Party


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